Sunday, March 17, 2013

I’d like to introduce you all to my first Napoletana pizza.

Where: Cupola Pizzeria (In Westfield Mall, SF)

A few words: This was actually my third time at Cupola. The first was on my birthday (Jan 3) and the second was later that month. I stumbled upon Cupola based on positive Yelp reviews. Here’s a little personal statement: The first bite of Napoletana pizza changed my life.

Accompanied by: My gorgeous mother

What is Napoletana pizza?
A comprehensive definition can be found here.
But in my own words, it’s pizza in one of its purest states. Soft, thin, crust that’s slightly charred underneath to give it some crispiness. The freshest, simplest ingredients. It resembles the joy of a brown paper package.

The restaurant itself was surprisingly wonderful. I was expecting a more chaotic atmosphere for being located inside one of the largest shopping malls in the country. But it turned out to be a rather classy oasis. Down-to-other servers (one who called me “sweetie”), elegant/contemporary decor… Oh, and an online reservation system. Which is a convenient rarity among pizzerias.

Back to the pizza, I’ve only had the Margherita extra and the Fungi. I remember both being exceptionally good, but it’s really unfair to compare the two flavors. The Margherita, when it’s in its perfected, “Most Napoletana form”, form, just wins. It’s truly a recipe made in heaven, and Cupola followed that recipe precisely.

But don’t assume that pizza Napoletana is my pizza above all pizzas. It’s pure and fresh, but those two qualities aren’t what I’m always looking for in my pizza experience. Sometimes I need the heavy carbs, the greasy cheese, the hearty meat toppings. Cupola’s pizza is heavenly, but I can’t consider it one of my guilty pizza pleasures.

I hope all of us can find a little bite of heaven in pizza pie.

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